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Enjoy our Split Croatia gallery of photos of this unique Mediterranean city of Split where our apartments Split Croatia are located. Bathed in sun for the most of the year, we offer the best accommodation experience you can find. No matter if you come alone, with your friends or family, on holiday vacation, or business trip, staying in this beautiful town at affordable apartment prices, surrounded by the history of its ancient walls, and among it’s hospitable people will make it a time to remember and come back. Enjoy!

Marjan is a hill on the peninsula of Split. It is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forrest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, making it a unique sight. Citizens of Split often use it as a park and recreational center, and it is one of the favorite weekend excursion destinations. The first four pictures in the gallery are shot from the lookout on Marjan. The lookout is only 10 minutes away from the center, and it there’s a nice cafe right next to it, so you can drink your morning coffee and enjoy the view.

The most interesting part of Split is its old center. Built around the Diocletian’s palace, it represents a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. Most notable sights in Split are in the Diocletian’s palace, such as Peristyle, monumental court which once lead to the imperial apartments. It also gives access to Cathedral of St. Dominus, temple of Jupiter, and the palace basement. The palace basement leads to Riva – Split’s promenade, which is bordered with palace walls on one side, and sea on the other. Riva has recently been remodeled, and with its palm trees, benches surrounded with floral beams and fashionable outdoors cafes it is one of the most popular destinations in Split. East from the palace walls you can find Split’s open market, always full of fresh goods and authentic Mediterranean foods.

Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) statue is one of Splits landmarks. Gregory of Nin was a 10th century bishop who is famous for bringing Croatian language into the church, opposing the Pope and official circles of the Church. Until then, services were held only in Latin – the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. Gregory’s act was important for Croatian language and culture. Ivan Mestrovic’s statue of him is situated between the Golden gates of Diocletian’s palace and park Dardin. There is an urban legend concerning the Gregory of Nin statue, and it says that your wish will come true if you wish it while rubbing the toe of the statue.